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The Simple Life for Residents in Osgoode

Like so many other area townships and communities surrounding greater Ottawa, Osgoode was assimilated into the city of Ottawa, Canada in 2001. Prior to that date, Osgoode was an independent township in Carleton County, Ontario. Straddling the Rideau River, the community was established in 1798 and incorporated in 1850. This charming rural community was named for the first Chief Justice of Upper Canada, William Osgoode. The area called the Osgoode Ward (Ward 20) represents the south end of the City of Ottawa and was solely made up of the former Osgoode Township. Communities within the ward of Osgoode include Greely, Osgoode, Enniskerry, Kenmore, Metcalfe, Marionville, Marvelville, Edwards, and portions of Manotick. Today, approximately 25,000 Osgoode citizens call it home and enjoy this rural setting in about 6000 homes and apartments.

OsgoodeOsgoode Real Estate

Homes in the Osgoode community have an average value of about $210,000. Because so much of life revolves around the activities of living near the Rideau River, home buyers enjoy all the benefits of rural life. Here in Osgoode, home buyers are provided many real estate options including farms, waterfront properties, condos, town homes and single-family homes. Like many of the communities that surround Ottawa, Osgoode real estate values have remained a good investment and range from approximately $175,000 to $1,000,000.

Osgoode by the Numbers

Population: (+ or -) 25,000 residents
Dwellings: 5,987
Osgoode Ward Area (km²): 379.86 or 90,894 acres
Density (persons per km²): 46.4
Average Osgoode home value: $210,000

Homes for Sale in Osgoode

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