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Do You Know The Value of Your Home?

The first step in selling your home is to determine its value in today’s market.

Send us some information about your home and we will be delighted to arrange a Free, no obligation Market Evaluation of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

A market evaluation is an assessment conducted by a realtor to determine a property’s approximate value in the current market conditions. It considers factors like recent sales, property features, and local trends. This evaluation is crucial when selling real estate — it helps sellers set a competitive and realistic listing price, increasing the chances of attracting potential buyers and maximizing the final sale.

A market evaluation is conducted by a realtor to estimate a property’s value based on recent sales and market trends. It’s an informal assessment used for setting a listing price. On the other hand, an appraisal is a formal evaluation by a licensed appraiser. It involves a detailed inspection of your property and considers comparable sales, leading to a legally recognized valuation used by lenders to determine a mortgage loan amount.
During a market evaluation, several factors are considered. These include your property’s location, size, condition, age, and features. Recent sales of similar stature and current market conditions also play a crucial role. The property’s unique characteristics, such as views and amenities, are also considered.
Since realtors may need to take some time to research recent sales, analyze the current market, and consider the property’s unique attributes, the duration of a market evaluation may vary depending on the property’s complexity.
Our team has the experience, tools, and local market knowledge required to provide an accurate market evaluation. However, keep in mind that these are estimates, not formal appraisals. For a more precise valuation, consider hiring a licensed appraiser.
If you intend to sell your home, our market evaluation is free. However, if you are looking for an estimate of your property’s value for other reasons and don’t plan on selling, there may be a fee.
After your market evaluation is complete, you’ll receive a report or summary detailing the estimated value of your property based on the agent’s analysis. This report will likely include other comparable sales in the area, an assessment of how your property fairs with current market trends, and an explanation of the factors considered to determine the property’s value. This evaluation will give you an understanding of a potential price range for listing your home.
Yes, a market evaluation can help you determine the ideal listing price for your property. Keep in mind that this is an estimate, and the actual value may differ.
To get a market evaluation, you don’t need to provide specific documentation. Instead, we ask that you provide us with general property information, such as the address, age, style, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, and any unique features or upgrades.
Getting a market evaluation before listing your property sale can:
  • Help you set competitive and realistic listing prices
  • Attract more potential buyers
  • Optimize your chances of selling at a higher price point
  • Provide insights into the current market conditions
  • Save you time on the market by avoiding overpricing or underpricing