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The Road Less Traveled

Last updated on May 11th, 2021 at 01:12 pm

Living in the Ottawa area has so many benefits and perks. The amenities of numerous transportation options throughout the many Ottawa neighbourhoods, as well as the many parks, schools, museums, librarys, YMCA loctions, resturants, and big city night life, make Ottawa a wonderful place to live, work and play! However, I would bet that many of you, whether you have living in Ottawa your whole life, or have recently moved here, have not experienced some of these off the beaten path things to do in Ottawa:

Feel The Chill Of Canada’s Cold War

Looking for more than your normal, everyday entertainment of dinner and a movie? Try visiting the Diefenbunker, Canada’sCold War Museum, where you can actually go into an underground bunker built to house Canadian government officials in the event of a nuclear attack. Are you a Dr. Stranglove fan? visit on the third Tuesday of the month for the “Cold War Cinema” to watch a Cold War-themed film inside the bunker!

Salute the Sun on Parliament Hill

Are you an Earth loving, inner peace seeking person? Then you may fall in love with the annual summer long event hosted by Luluemon! You can join hundreds of fellow downward dog enthusiasts for a FREE one hour yoga class on the lush green lawn in front of the Parliament buildings. Classes run weekly all summer long-get the upcoming schedule here.

Take A Quest

Channel your inner Sherlock Holmes by participating in Ottawa’s Urban Quest! You follow a series of clues to explore Ottawa and its history; when you have solved them all, the trail leads to a meal in a mystery restaurant!

Go Directly To Jail

You don’t have to get yourself arrested to experience a night behind bars here! Experience the HI-Ottawa Hostel, where you can take an indepth tour sleep behind bars in the former Carleton County Gaol. Don’t want to actually sleep there? Take the Haunted Walk tour of the 19th century building and learn why long ago Ottawa was once considered North America’s most dangerous town! Rich in history, you and your friends will love to experience this blast from the past!


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