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6 Ways to Creatively Stage Your Home in Winter

If you’re planning to put your property on the market, staging your home for sale in the winter is one of the best ways to get the highest value for it. Aside from winter being a quieter time for active buyers, the harsh winter weather can place your home in a bad light. When you’re ready to sell, here are some staging tips to help your property stand out and make a great first impression.

Get Rid of Clutter

When potential buyers view a property, the goal is to get them to envision themselves living there. The easier it is for them to do this, the higher the chance will be for them to make an offer. Plus, minimalism is very much a modern trend right now. So step one for staging is to eliminate any clutter and reduce personalized items. This will also make your interior appear more spacious.

Heighten the Winter Vibes

Reducing clutter doesn’t mean leaving your interior bare. But once the clutter is gone, turn up those winter vibes for the viewings. You can do this by placing one or two cozy throws and cushions on the furniture and a few white, wintery candles on the mantel. If there’s a fireplace, switch it on or light it up to keep your home looking cozy.

Make it Smell Nice

While you’re adding a few tasteful winter décor pieces, you could also capture those wintery scents that are akin to this time of year like cinnamon or mulled spices. Having a nice scent can help buyers associate your property with a pleasant experience too. But just make sure it’s not too overpowering.

Brighten Your Home

The winter months are long and dark, which can make any interior appear dim even during the afternoon. Look for creative ways to keep your property nice and bright for viewings. Keep all the blinds and curtains fully open, and switch on all of the lights. In some cases, it might be worth switching out old bulbs for something brighter. For viewings in the evening, try to keep it bright but cozy by using lamps to create a more inviting ambience.

Pay Attention to Your Curb Appeal

Curb appeal can play a big role in first impressions. So it’s important to spend some time and effort to spruce up your exterior to make sure it leaves a good mark before buyers step inside. Take a look at your house from the curb and see what could be improved. Starting with the basics, any pathways should be shovelled and salted. Since this time of year usually blankets the landscape in snow, consider adding planters on either side of your entranceway to add a pop of colour. Or, for something simple and beautiful, add miniature evergreens. Don’t forget to place down a nice mat to help contain the winter mess from shoes when people enter the property.

Keep it Warm

Keep in mind that buyers will be making an effort to come out and view your property even during those sub-zero temperatures. So they should be welcomed by a warm environment once they arrive. We recommend turning up the heat to make sure it feels nice and comfortable. Staging your home for sale in winter is all about making it look warm and inviting to entice buyers. You can easily achieve this by stripping back on the clutter and adding a few wintery accessories while cranking up the heat.  And when you’re ready to place your property on the market, our team at Steve and Jenn is ready to help. Contact us today to get started! By Jenn Chamberlain