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How to Turn Your Basement Into a Family Game Room

Last updated on June 14th, 2022 at 02:40 pm

Basements differ from home to home. Some keep their holiday decorations stored in bins; others have the luxury to add an extra bedroom or bathroom. For many, they are a catch-all space rather than a destination you want to spend a lot of time in. So why not turn it into a game room? This will not only allow you to maximize square footage but also to dedicate an area to fun where everyone can feel like a kid again. Read on for our top basement family game room ideas.

Pick Your Favourite Games

There are plenty of game rooms that have pool tables that never get used. Make a list with your family and decide what kind of games you want to include in the space, maybe a pinball machine or ping pong table. Measure out the room you have and see what kind of space you are working with. For example, as a general rule, it’s best to have three feet around foosball and air hockey tables, making it easy to play. If you love video games, choose a few consoles with multiplayer options and pick ones you can all enjoy.

Have a Spot for Everything

An organization system simplifies setting up and putting away your games. If you love board games, have plenty of shelving so they can rest comfortably, and you can pick out your favourite one easily. A TV cabinet should be able to house all your gaming consoles without issue and make it easy to hook up wires as needed. If you don’t have to set up the Nintendo Wii every time you want to use it, you may be surprised by how much use it gets. Finally, keep some smaller storage bins handy for extra pieces or cables. 

Create an Atmosphere

Basement family game room ideas are easier to develop when you have the whole gang involved. Decide on a colour scheme or think outside the box! If you love the Avengers, a full Marvel theme can be completed with movie posters, themed blankets, and pillows. If you are going for a simpler look, it doesn’t have to be boring. Pick a neutral shade like grey and one or two pops of colour to help you bring out other areas in the room. When buying furniture, make sure it’s comfy and multipurpose. A large ottoman is great for lounging and can act as a snack table. Keep lighting soft and consider installing a dimmer switch or different colour lighting tracks to set the mood.

Install Soundproofing

Anyone who has had a family game night knows it can get pretty loud! While that’s no problem when the whole family is involved, it can be distracting when your kids play Mario Kart, or your partner enjoys Clue with their friends. If your basement is unfinished, it’s relatively easy to put in soundproofing insulation. Focus on the ceiling where most of the sound will travel. If your walls are finished, you can purchase sound-absorbing foam pads online that stick to walls and ceilings easily. The best ideas for a basement family game room are the ones that work for your household. It’s all about bringing the whole gang together and making memories that will last in a home that’s totally yours. If you are considering the move to Ottawa, our team can find you a place with the games room of your dreams or room to create one! We are experienced local realtors passionate about finding our clients their dream homes. Contact us to find out more!