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Education and Schools in Ottawa for Your Children

Last updated on May 6th, 2024 at 11:41 am

If you’re planning to move to Ottawa or relocate within the region, there are many great schools to enroll your kids in, including English and French. Here are some options to help you locate schools in Ottawa for your children.  

Stephen Leacock Public School

  Located in the community of Beaverbrook, the Stephen Leakcock public school is rated as one of the best in the region. It has a population of 510 students and ranges from kindergarten to Grade 6. This school has an Early French Immersion option, which could be ideal if you’re planning to move within the Ottawa-Carleton District and want your children to improve their French and English.

Erskine Johnston Public School

Next up is the W. Erskine Public school which is also located within the same community and district, with a population that’s slightly higher at 670. It has a very diverse and inclusive population with students coming from a wide range of nationalities. It also offers a good, updated range of equipment, facilities and tech throughout the school, including SMART boards, a computer lab, and a large playground and sports field.   

Elmdale Public School

  Elmdale is an active public school, located in the Ottawa-Carleton District and in the Kitchissippi region with a population of 515. There are many different programs that are hosted by the students and parents, including fundraising events, volunteering options, and extracurricular activities. So if you’re considering moving to the area and enjoy being involved in the local school community, this could be a good option.   

Convent Glen Catholic School

  If you’re looking for a Catholic school in Orleans, Convent Glen is a great school that also is known for its active community, especially when it comes to environmental causes like recycling and littering. English is the dominant language taught here, with classes ranging from kindergarten to Grade 6.   

Roland Michener Public School

  In Kanata, you’ll also find the Roland Michener school which has approximately 165 students. The smaller size makes it ideal if you want your children to benefit from an intimate class setting with more dedicated attention for each student. The school size also contributes to a tighter school community, which actively encourages students of different ages to interact and participate in events together while being supportive and respectful.  

Adrianne Clarkson Elementary School

  Another school that is renowned for being rich in diversity is the Adrianne Clarkson school which is located in Nepean. Here, your children can learn in standard English, Early French Immersion and Middle French Immersion. Due to its multicultural community, it promotes an inclusive and respectful environment for all its students.  

St. Gregory Elementary School

  This Catholic school in Nepean is a gold-certified eco-school, so if you or your children are environmentally conscious, it could be a suitable match to encourage and develop those green thumbs. This school focuses on teaching in English but also has French programs available.  

St. Cecilia Catholic School

  St. Cecilia is also a certified gold eco-school and actively encourages its students to take action to be kind to the environment. Classes here are taught in English, and it’s also located in Nepean.   Planning to move to Ottawa? Allow our team to help you find the perfect home and neighbourhood for you and your family. As local residents, we have an extensive amount of knowledge about the region and can make the entire process easy and convenient for you. Contact us at Steve and Jenn today! By Jenn Chamberlain