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How to Take Perfect Listing Pictures

Last updated on May 11th, 2021 at 01:10 pm

We want you to close your eyes and visualize skimming through different sets of pictures. The first set is dark, taken at odd angles, with someone’s thumb intruding on the shot. The second set is sharp, clear, and the house is at centre-stage. Which home do you think is worth more? They’re the exact same house, but pictures tell a whole different story. You want to send the right impression with listing pictures, and bad pictures can dissuade the right buyer from even giving your home a chance. Ottawa REALTORS® Geoff & Bobbie McGowan offer the following advice to take listing pictures that stand out:


Good Lighting

Every home has its sweet spot when it comes to lighting. This will depend on how the sun hits your home, the presence of natural shading, and other factors like the weather. If you take just one outdoor photo and call it a day, you’re pressing your luck. Take a few at different times per day so you can compare and choose the right shot.


Interior Lighting

The lighting inside your home will be affected by two different factors: natural light from the sun, and artificial light from light bulbs. You will need to find a good balance of the two, in combination with the flash from your camera. For the best interior photographs, you should use a high-quality camera, not an iPhone or throwback Polaroid.


Tidy It Up

The most important picture of all is the one of the front of the home, so go the extra mile to make sure it looks good. Park your car down the street so the driveways is clear. Tuck all recycle bins and garbage cans around the side of the house. Make sure there are no stray bikes, baseball bats, or hockey nets which will detract the eye from the house.



Your house is probably filled with little knick-knacks that make it feel like home, but potential buyers prefer a blank canvas. The home should be cleaned, dishes should be washed, closets should be organized, and so on. Try to stash away personal mementos like fridge magnets or your miniature elephant collection. A bonus of decluttering for photos is that it saves you the work when it comes time to prepare for open houses and showings.


Special Features

If your home has a special feature like a fireplace, hot tub, or home theatre, make sure you show it off in the listing pictures. This also applies to popular features like granite countertops and hardwood floors. Remove any area rugs to let the floors shine. Pictures are worth a thousand words, so highlighting these special features in listing pictures will go a lot farther than a mention of them in the description.

Ottawa REALTORS® have a lot of experience taking perfect listing pictures that make the best impression on potential buyers. If you want more tips on how to get the best listing pictures, contact the Geoff & Bobbie team today.