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Home Staging Like a Pro

Last updated on May 11th, 2021 at 12:56 pm

When you walk into a newly listed home, there’s a good reason why it usually looks and feels so luxurious and inviting. The secret is all in the staging. But there’s more that goes into staging than merely adding in a few pieces of furniture. Here are some simple, practical tips that will help you perform home staging like a pro.


First things first – decluttering your home is essential. When you have excess furniture and accumulation of personal items taking up the majority of space in your home, it’s not going to leave a very positive impression for potential buyers when they come to view it. Clear the clutter and create more open empty space. This will also give you more room to play around with when you want to shuffle the furniture to improve the layout.

Switch Up Your Layout

Once you do have more space to work with, start by mixing up your furniture and different surfaces. Often by simply moving items around a bit, you can end up with a fresh and appealing new setting to work from. Having less furniture in your home is really beneficial for this.

Home Staging Like a Pro

Create A Positive Visual Impression

Creating a positive visual impact and impression is easier than you might think. This generally boils down to making space appear bright, fresh, clean, and inviting. When you remove most of your personal items and clutter such as non-essential furniture, you allow more natural light to filter through your home.

In addition, by adding a fresh coat of paint with neutral-tones to the walls, this can make a world of difference for freshening up your home as well. Of course, keeping your home very tidy and clean is equally as important. Once you’ve nailed down the foundation of creating that good visual impact, you can begin to add a few more touches.

The Power of Pillows And Throws

For a few effective, powerful touches, you don’t need much beyond a few essentials, like some new pillows and throws. Even if you have some older, dated furniture that looks a little worn, you can easily spruce up the look and even tie in multiple pieces of furniture by simply placing a matching palette of colours from pillows and throw blankets. These are very effective items for sprucing up any area of the home.

Minimize Your Personal Tastes

The whole point of staging an open house is so that potential homebuyers can wander through your home and be able to envision themselves living there easily. That can be a challenge if you have big, bold items on display – like artwork – that really accommodate to your own personal taste. It’s important to remove yourself from the equation and try to downplay your personal taste. This is a really key concept that can be hard to commit to but is so essential for home staging like a pro. So as a rule of thumb, don’t add anything to your home unless it’s in the form of a neutral tone.

Staging your home is one of the most effective ways of getting the kind of deal you were hoping for. That’s because it helps removes the distractions from your home so that buyers can objectively view your home, envision themselves living there and then hopefully fall in love with it. So always remember to remove yourself from the equation and focus on these essential tips when it’s time to place your home on display.