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Downsizing in Ottawa: What Living Arrangement is Best?

Last updated on June 1st, 2021 at 10:03 am

Downsizing in Ottawa: What Living Arrangement is Best?

Ottawa is a city ripe with opportunities, and that extends to the vibrant and dynamic range of living arrangements available to downsizers. There are many types of residential properties that are perfect for those keen on aging in place within a safe and accessible environment. Here are some of the best living arrangements for a future-facing downsizing move.

Retirement Communities

Regardless of whether you opt for a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) or independent retirement living, there’s a certain special protected feeling about downsizing to such an environment. Depending on how much care you need, either of these facility types can offer a range of features including onsite laundry, housekeeping, skilled nursing and memory care, and gourmet meal service. Retirement communities enable you to downsize with your integrity fully intact and more opportunities than ever before, and they are also located close to public transport and amenities such as grocery stores as standard. Additionally, units are designed with accessibility and safety firmly in mind, meaning you won’t have to put extra money or work into future-proofing it.

Assisted Living Communities

For those seeking to downsize and find attentive care with daily tasks, assisted living communities are the ideal solution and the easiest environment to age in place. Typical homes are either a one-to-two bedroom or studio apartment. Kitchenettes are common in these units as they normally include meal service, and you’ll find a host of disability-friendly features such as handrails and low countertops for accessible living.

Coach Homes

If you’re keen on reducing the size of your home and the amount of clutter you have without leaving family or a source of income behind, opt for a coach home. If you own a large property, consider having one built and opening up the main original house for rental. Coach homes can be built from converted sheds or garages with little hassle, and also designed to suit accessibility and safety needs. This enables you to not only live more simply and in an environment fit for aging in place thanks to its smaller size, but it allows for a continual source of income or access to family care by renting out the main house.

Condos, Townhomes, and Duplexes

Of course, more common properties such as condos, townhomes, and duplexes are great for downsizers, so long as you’re willing to invest a little into making it future-friendly. Offering modern amenities and comfortable living conditions, they are built to adhere to strict building and housing codes and, as a result, generally offer reliable security and safety in the event of an emergency. With a few small renovations here and there, it is easy to make these properties highly accessible and perfect for downsizing to a more sensible and simplified way of living. Additionally, your landlord or maintenance worker will likely cover the cost of some preventative installations and changes, and it is encouraged to reach out to them and make sure that any planned changes are permitted.

Downsizing to a simpler and future-facing property has never been easier. Both of us are recognized by the National Association of Realtors and the Canadian Real Estate Association as Senior Real Estate Specialists (SRES®). Contact us today with any questions or to request a FREE copy of our “Downsizing Made Easy Guide” to begin planning for a simplified and accessible future.