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Alternatives to manually pulling out garden weeds

Last updated on May 11th, 2021 at 12:59 pm

There are times that garden weeds affect the looks of your garden considerably. The nourishment of the garden plants gets diminished with the presence of garden weeds as they imbibe more and more of soil nutrients that would otherwise have gone into the growth and maintenance of the garden plants.

If you have the garden weeds growing in the grass due to neglect then the first thing that you might do is to use a lawn mower and trim the grass as well as garden weeds.

However, you will realize that mere trimming does not help repressing the growth of garden weeds. The weeds grow on their own accord once you have left for vacation, having left your garden in neglect and allowing the growth of grass weeds. The reason why mere trimming of these garden weeds does not help is because they do not have to be sown like the other plants do. They are there and grow out of the soil and their major source of nourishment is the nutrients in the soil only. The garden weeds grow out of the soil and therefore trimming does not stop their growth. All that trimming does is to repress it for sometime till the garden weeds grow back and become visible again.

There are many types of methods to eliminate the garden weeds. All those who have got small sized gardens may resort to rooting out the garden weeds individually. This is an effective procedure for all those who can spend a weekend and eliminate all the garden weeds by themselves. However it is important that all the weeds are rooted carefully so that there be none and also all the individual plants should be taken out and that can control the growth of garden weeds to an extent.

Why is the growth controlled to an extent in this case? The answer lies in the fact that the garden weeds grow quickly and cause more such garden weeds to grow if left unattended. If you root the garden weeds correctly then you have taken care of the those particular plants however you cannot take care of the seeds that might be spread around which would quickly grow back into new garden weeds. This is why even for a small grass patch, rooting the garden weeds is not an effective solution. Where larger grass lands and garden areas are concerned, rooting individual garden weeds to eliminate them is not a practical solution anymore.

This is why one must know about the weed killers that there are; which would help remove the garden weeds effectively and allow your garden to thrive with beautiful plants, flowers and green grass and there will be not a trace of garden weeds in the vicinity. Weed killer is available in different forms and you must always follow the instructions mentioned accurately to help you with the complete eradication of garden weeds. It is important that you know where they are and the foliage around them so you can select the right product.

by: Xander Palmer