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4 Things to Consider Before a Move to a New Neighbourhood

Last updated on May 11th, 2021 at 12:57 pm

4 Things to Consider Before A Move to a New Neighbourhood

Delving into homeownership, or gearing up for a move is always a large undertaking. It requires a lot of time and above all – research. That includes educating yourself on the potential new neighbourhood that you could be living in. Finding a dream home is one thing, but if it doesn’t come with the dream neighbourhood to go along with it, you could be dreading your decision before your boxes are unpacked.

Before you gear up for your next move, here are some things to consider before moving to a new neighbourhood.

The Commute

It’s common to enter into that state of blind bliss once you have spotted a property that you want. But the commute is one of those factors that can really make or break that decision. Consider the location in reference to where you work and just how much you would have to potentially sacrifice when moving to your new neighbourhood. Spending a large chunk of your time in rush hour traffic might simply not be worth your move.

School District

If you have children, you’ll need to research the various school districts that are included within the neighbourhoods that you are considering. School districts can be strict in regards to boundaries. If this is a priority to you and your children’s education, be sure to know what boundaries and districts are included in the neighbourhood.

Walk Score

Do you dream about heading out of your house in the morning and grabbing a coffee at the café around the corner? Or how about walking out to the store to buy some groceries? If you relish the idea of being in walking distance from the best restaurants, shops, and neighbourhood amenities, consider the walk score of each area that you are viewing. If you’re not keen on taking transit or driving each day, being located in an area with a poor walk score could negatively impact the lifestyle you desire.

Proximity to Neighbours

Of course, if you’re looking at areas within a heavily populated urban centre, you can expect to live cozy amidst your neighbours. You should be prepared for more social interactions, and maybe even some noisy encounters in the neighbourhood. If the idea of interactions and noise don’t appeal to you, try to focus on areas that are in suburban regions with larger property sizes and more privacy.

Moving into a new neighbourhood can come along with a lot of variables. But as you begin to shop around for a new home, keep in mind the type of neighbourhood that you desire as well. And consider each of these factors to ensure that the one you select will be suitable for you and your lifestyle.

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