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Selling Ottawa Real Estate Quickly

Last updated on April 8th, 2022 at 10:03 am

In a buyers real estate market, Ottawa home buyers are expecting to see an immaculate property the moment they drive up. The property should offer a jaw-dropping first impression that will make any home buyer scream STOP THE CAR – I WANT TO SEE THAT HOUSE!

Create Ottawa Real Estate Curb Appeal

If the lawn has been ignored, the flowerbeds are brimming with weeds, the shrubs are untrimmed and the grease-stained driveway is cluttered with toys, experience has taught me Ottawa property buyers will ask we keep driving; they won’t even bother to take a look inside. To the Ottawa real estate buyer, it’s apparent these sellers are not serious about selling their Ottawa home anytime soon-and even if they are, it appears from the looks of the outside that the inside will be just as uncared for as well. If the yard is in this state, one can only imagine the condition of the interior of the home. So if you are currently trying to sell Ottawa real estate, what are some tips you should follow?

The Current Ottawa Real Estate Market

Frankly; in this market there are many more homes for sale than buyers. Most buyers have indicated they have better things to do with their time than to preview any Ottawa real estate that fails to grab their attention the moment we pull into the driveway. With that said, here is what buyers expect to see the moment we enter any Ottawa property for sale on the market:
  • Expect the porch and entry way to be warm, gracious and inviting. Anything less begs the buyer to have a difficult time “seeing” the remaining positive features of the home
  • A property that sparkles. From the windows to the floors, Ottawa home buyers expect the home to be “spic and span clean”
  • It is all about setting the right mood that embraces the buyer, let buyers hear soft sounds of music in the background while the home emits a fresh spring-like smell reminiscent of crisp, line-dried sheets
  • Highly organized homes are a must. Buyers also expect to be able to open any drawer or closet and see possibilities for maximized storage
  • Buyers have little patience with cluttered homes. Plus it makes it difficult for buyers to envision their belongings in the home
  • Ottawa home buyers should be able to preview homes free of “personalized” clutter including family portraits, heirlooms and collectibles
  • Barking dogs, squawking birds and cats under foot are opportunities for u-turns. Buyers will quickly leave the property!
  • Buyers are all about the “Less is More” mantra, so take note Ottawa home sellers – store the massive furniture and show off your home’s space!

Helping Ottawa Real Estate Buyers Be Realistic with their Expectations

Ottawa home buyers, you know the Ottawa real estate market is in your favor; however, just because the market is in your favor doesn’t mean “low-ball” offers are an option. In fact, if a seller has met your expectations making the home desirable to you, chances are they have done the same for other buyers who have an interest in the property-meaning that others are probably interested in it. Together, we will analyze the Ottawa real estate market data to determine the right offer price based on solid information and get a great offer that will make both parties happy. If you have any questions about selling your Ottawa home, be sure to leave a comment and I will do my best to quickly answer it for you! Until next time, Bobbie