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How to Choose the Perfect Location for Your Move

Last updated on November 1st, 2021 at 11:25 am

Are you thinking about relocating, but not quite sure where the best location is for you? It’s important to take some time to really think about what your priorities are and what type of location will jive with your lifestyle, needs and budget. To help with your decision, here are a few of the key factors to consider when you’re stuck on how to choose the perfect location for your move.


First, start by thinking about your lifestyle preferences, and what you want and need in a new location. This will help dictate which type of areas will suit you best so you can narrow down the scope of your search. If you’re an outdoorsy person and love to hit the trails, then a neighbourhood surrounded by nature, slightly removed from the city might make the most sense. Alternatively, if you have a growing family and enjoy being close to local amenities, then you’ll want to focus your search on more central, urban districts.


Whether you’re single or have a young family, safety is always a top concern when looking for a new place to move to. Of course, crime exists just about everywhere, but you can view city resources and stats to see more detailed crime rates for various neighbourhoods before making your decision. 

Proximity to Work

Proximity to work is another key factor in determining where to live. Think about how far you’re willing to commute to work. Do you plan to drive or take public transit? These are important questions to ask yourself during this process.

Proximity to Family and Friends

Being close to family and friends is a priority for many people. If you’re eyeing an area that will make it extra challenging to spend time with loved ones on a regular basis or even over the holidays, you might want to rethink that location. 

Visit Each Location First

Before you make a decision, spend some time visiting each area that you’re considering. Drive around to get a feel for the neighbourhood and take note of the amenities, housing, and community. A new neighbourhood can check off all the boxes on paper, but it also has to feel right. By taking time to drive and walk around, you can get a better sense of whether it clicks and feels like somewhere you can envision as your home and community. Need advice or recommendations on the best areas to move to in Ottawa? Contact our team for all of your real estate needs. We are happy to answer any of your questions and help you find the right place for you to call home.