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5 Ways to Strategically Stage Your Home for the Winter

Last updated on May 11th, 2021 at 12:55 pm

5 Ways to Strategically Stage Your Home for the Winter

Don’t get weighed down by the cold winter weather. Take advantage of the glistening snowy backdrop to help stage and beautify your home. If you’re planning to place your home on the market this season, here are some of our favourite ways to strategically stage your home for the winter.

Contain the Snow

First things first – if your walkways aren’t nice and clear for potential buyers to access your home, it can be a deterrent right from the get-go. Remember, getting your home ready to show off for an open house starts from the curb. So, before your open house, make sure to clear any of your pathways, steps, porch, and driveway to ensure your exterior is safe and your front door is easy to access.

Decorate the Exterior

If you haven’t already added any décor pieces to your exterior, now’s a good time. Nothing looks as inviting as a snowy backdrop with a nicely decorated and illuminated entranceway. To spruce up your front entrance, consider placing seasonal planters on the porch with evergreens, winterberry, birch, and bows. Alternatively, you could hang a wreath on the front door and string some garland with clear lights along your porch rails to make it look even more dazzling in the dark winter evenings.

Make It Warm

Now that you have the front exterior looking nice and welcoming, it’s time to focus inside. When buyers enter your home, they should be met with a warm and cozy interior. So be sure the crank up the heat to a comfortable level and light the fireplace if you have one.

Make It Cozy

There’s no better feeling than walking into a warm and cozy environment during the dark and chilly winter. To make your space extra cozy, add some key staples, like faux fur and other textured throws and pillows to your seating area, along with some candles. Combine this with an alluring fireplace, and your home will be dressed to impress this winter.

Make It Smell Amazing

The final step to strategically staging your home for the winter is to make it smell as inviting as it looks. Light some scented candles, burn essential oils, offer a hot chocolate bar to welcome buyers, or create your own stovetop scent by combining a few apple slices with cinnamon and pinecones in a simmering pot. Just make sure you don’t overdo it if you’re using candles and oils as they can be off-putting if they’re too overwhelming.

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