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5 Tips for Showing Your House in the Winter

Last updated on May 11th, 2021 at 12:58 pm

Placing your home up for sale can be a stressful endeavour for anyone. But the wintertime can present even more challenges when it comes to showcasing your house. Prepare for the weather and for your open house by incorporating a few of these tips for wintertime showings:

Always Keep Your Pathways Cleared

One of the most important steps to take when showing your house in the winter is to ensure that any pathways leading to and from your home are cleared of snow and ice. Any snow that may be blocking access to your entranceway or even your backyard should be shovelled to provide a safe walkway for guests to travel on. It’s also crucial to apply salt to these areas. Having any potential buyers experience a slip and fall on the way to the door is never the kind of first impression you want to make.

Provide Mats for Boots

Any potential buyers want to walk into a home that looks clean and comfy. So when they arrive with messy boots and shoes from the slush, salt, and snow, have a mat or two placed on the floor by the entranceway. This not only protects the floor and carpet, but will also show them that you care about the state of the house.

Make it Cozy

When people enter your home during a winter open house, one of the best first impression you can make is creating a warm and cozy environment. So make sure that the temperature throughout the home is warm and comfortable. If you have a special feature like a fireplace or radiant floor heating in the bathroom, turn these on to impress potential buyers on the walk-through.

Light it Up

We know how dark the evenings can get in winter, so light up your home and enhance that cozy vibe by drawing back the curtains to let in as much natural light as possible. And if you are showcasing your house during the evening, light the fireplace and some candles to make it inviting.

Stage the House

No matter what the season may be, staging your home is essential to catch the eyes of those who are looking to buy. Remove any clutter around the house, clean your windows, and have your home in tip-top shape.

Showing your home during the wintertime can be challenging. But with a few key steps incorporated into your viewing, you can make it really stand out to create that great, lasting impression. Use these tips to help set the stage for your open house.