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5 Surprising Things to Consider When Buying a Home

Last updated on May 11th, 2021 at 12:58 pm

Buying a home is a significant and costly investment. Your house will be the most expensive thing you ever buy (unless you’re in the market for a private jet!) so naturally quite a bit of thought should be put into making sure you make a fully informed decision.  When viewing your potential future home, it’s important to look beyond the wall colour and kitchen features and identify strengths and weaknesses that cannot be remedied with a short trip to the hardware store. Here are five surprising things to consider when buying a home.

Location of Master Bedroom

Is there enough morning sunlight flooding into the master? Or perhaps too much sunlight? Evaluate the orientation of the home and consider if the room is at the front of the house or the back. What possible noises will each location present? A room at the front may deal with car noise and lights, while a room at the back of the home may be quieter assuming you back onto greenspace and not a road. Spend some time in the master bedroom during the open house, showing, and home inspection to familiarize yourself with the noises that may present themselves in the master.

Backyard Sun Exposure

Does the backyard get morning sun or afternoon sun or both? If coming home after work and sitting in a sunny backyard is what you like to do, then you must ensure your backyard faces west. Trees and buildings will impede the amount of sun that reaches your house so if there is a specific time of day you would prefer to have sun in your yard, do a test run. View the house at exactly that time (on a sunny day!) and see what the sun situation is.

Parking Situation

Is there sufficient space for you to park all of your household vehicles? And is there sufficient space for your visitors to park their car, especially if staying overnight? Parking regulations are definitely something you want to be aware of prior to receiving a ticket or two. Some streets do not allow daytime parking at all, for example.

Lot Grade

Sometimes the beauty of a piece of land can overshadow the lack of functionality. Is the yard space is too steep to really enjoy? Or is the yard too small in fact to meet your family needs? The size of the yard is not something that can be altered so take a good look at what the property has to offer. It’s also good to view multiple properties to compare the land options available in your price range.

Size of Rooms

Depending on your personal needs and wants, you will have different requirements in each room. If you are an entertainer, having large living and dining spaces will be important. If you are handy and like to fix cars, having a large garage will be important. Think ahead of what is important to you and be certain your new house checks all the “must have” boxes. It is perfectly acceptable to reject an otherwise nice home that simply doesn’t suit your lifestyle.

House shopping can be stressful because finding the perfect fit that meets all of your needs and wants might be near impossible. View plenty of different properties and always work with an experienced and knowledgeable real estate team to find your dream home. We are Ottawa REALTORS® specializing in residential real estate in communities including Kanata, Stittsville, Nepean, Barrhaven, Manotick, Orleans, and Gloucester.