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Housing Outlook Market 2014

Canadian consumers remained remarkably steadfast in their determination to achieve homeownership in 2013, fuelling residential real estate sales and average price nationally to a five-year high, despite a spotty regional performance. Download PDF

Working with a realtor

Working With A Realtor – The Agency Relationship

When working with a REALTOR®, it is important to understand who the REALTOR® works for. Download PDF

Selling your home
Selling a home

You want your home to sell as quickly and as profitably as possible. For the best results you’ll need the help of a REALTOR. Download PDF

Buying a HomeBuying a home

A real estate professional understands the market, knows exactly what is available and can match your needs and budget to your new home efficiently and effectively. Download PDF 

Property RightsProperty Rights

“Property rights” is the term given to a series of freedoms or rights Canadians usually associate with property ownership. They are rights which have become a cornerstone of personal freedom in Canada. Download PDF

home insuranceHome Insurance

The Home Insurance market has changed dramatically in recent years. Gone are the days when buyers could simply call their insurance broker or agent and arrange insurance for their new home, and do it on 24hrs notice. Download PDF


GST SavingsGST & Real Estate

Whether you are buying or selling a home, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) will probably apply to the transaction. With GST rebates and exemptions, figuring out its impact on your transactions can be
confusing. Download PDF(1/2) Download PDF (2/2)

for saleSmart Renovator Brochure

Of all the renovations that you may consider, some renovations substantially add to the resale value of your home.

Download PDF

Return On Renos

The six smartest home renovations. Maximize the value of your most important investment. Download PDF


Many of the books available on real estate buying and selling can be complex and confusing, assuming a lot more knowledge on the subject than most buyers or sellers, especially first-timers, possess.

But not these two handy and manageable guidebooks. Each is an easy-to-use, step-by-step guide that takes you through the process of buying or selling a home without a lot of confusion. The many terms used in real estate are explained in simple, easy-to-understand language.

Make no mistake, though. These two handy books can’t replace the knowledge, skills and expertise of a REALTOR. They will show you how to find and work with one, as well as with a lawyer and other professionals who will generally be part of your real estate team.

Both books take you through the real estate process step-by-step. You can read them cover-to-cover or just zero on certain topics. With their check lists, work sheets, loads of tips, hints and advice, these books can help ease the stress of buying or selling real estate.


Buying A Home (110 pages)

Home BuyersHow to Buy Your Home offers a lot of great advice for both first-time and repeat home buyers.You’ll learn how to hire a REALTOR, a lawyer and other professionals, how to shop for a mortgage and compare mortgage options after meeting with various bankers, and how to select a home inspector to thoroughly check out the home you plan to buy.

This book can help you estimate the price range that’s right for you, especially if you are uncertain about how much you can afford to spend. If you are selling your current home to buy another, it discusses the advantages and disadvantages of buying or selling first.

You’ll also learn how to work with a REALTOR and other professionals, what additional costs to watch out for, how to close a deal and make a smooth move to your new home.
Selling A Home? (140 pages)

Sell your homeWhether you are selling a home for the first time or have done it before, How to Sell Your Home helps you assess your reasons for selling and discusses alternatives to consider such as refinancing and renovation.

You’ll also learn about the cycles in the real estate market and the “seasonality” of home sales that may affect your decision on “when” to sell. For example, changing interest rates can affect market cycles; chilly winter weather may draw out fewer buyers, but you’ll also be competing with fewer homes on the market.

If you’re pondering whether to buy first or sell first, this book will help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of both and the various options. For example, how to get bridge financing (borrow funds for the purchase of your next home when the sale of your current home is not yet complete) if needed.

The book provides tips on how to find and work with a REALTOR, how to determine a realistic asking price and how to enhance your home’s appearance. It also explains how a REALTOR will help you market your home effectively, what to do when you receive an offer and how to complete a sale.

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