How to Choose a Reputable Realtor® in Ottawa


our-team-at-workWith so many real estate agents to choose from in Ottawa, it can make you feel dizzy trying to choose the right one for you. That’s why we’ve put together this quick guide to help you cut through the weeds and choose a reputable Realtor® in Ottawa for your sale or purchase. Here are the top criteria to check out:


Check Their Credentials

Do you want to deal with an agent who has just finished their RECO certification or someone who has a long list of credentials and numerous awards under their belt? Likely the latter. When choosing a reputable Realtor®, make sure who you hire is in fact, a “Realtor®” and not just some agent who is referring to themselves as one – there’s a big difference. To avoid signing your life over to an amateur, first ask to check their license and credentials to ensure that they’re certified, experienced, and well respected in the industry.


Find Out If They Live In the Area

Another rule to remember is only to work with someone who has vast knowledge and experience working in the area in which you are selling/buying. Why? Because you want a representative who not only knows the area thoroughly but also is part of the community. Only a reputable Realtor® in Ottawa will be on top of the market and well connected to other local agents, mortgage brokers, home inspectors and lawyers.


Look At Their Current Marketing Strategy

An agent is only as strong as their marketing plan, so also look closely at the way they advertise their current listings. Do they have attractive brochures and a website? Are the properties listed across a wide range of platforms for maximum exposure? Are they using online ads to find leads? If they’re only using MLS®, it’s not a good sign. When you’re selling, you want as many eyes on your listing as possible, and when you’re buying you want to know that the agent has looked everywhere to find you the best options that are available.


Talk To Their Recent Clients

Once you’ve shortlisted a few agents, ask for a list of their recent clients. Reach out to a few of them to ask questions about the asking price vs. the sale price, how “engaged’ the agent was, and if they would hire them again. You only want to appoint a Realtor® who is going to be deeply involved and motivated with your listing, not someone who is wearing too many hats. This also goes for doing your research and reading online reviews.


Interview Them

Lastly, before you make a big commitment, sit down with the agent and interview them face to face. They should be able to answer all of your tough questions truthfully. And trust your gut – if they don’t feel like the right fit for you, pass until you find a Realtor® who you feel comfortable with.


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