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Why Work with a Senior Real Estate Specialist?

Last updated on May 11th, 2021 at 12:56 pm

Why Work with a Senior Real Estate Specialist

When you’re over the age of 50 and looking to sell your home, you need more than just a Realtor®. You need a Realtor® who is trained in counselling seniors through lifestyle changes and who has had a long and trusted career in the industry. An SRES® or Senior Real Estate Specialist is a certified professional in senior home sales and housing options. They have the special knowledge it takes to provide the best services and support to seniors. If you’re looking for a real estate expert to help you with your mortgage, sale, or purchase, see why working with an SRES® is your best option.

Trustworthy Professional

Your Senior Real Estate Specialist is a professional who is awarded by the SRES® Board of Canada to counsel clients over 50 years of age. To earn the designation the agent must demonstrate the necessary expertise to counsel seniors through major financial and lifestyle transitions.  When working with an SRES® professional, you can feel confident that you’re working with a trustworthy professional that is trained in advising seniors through all major aspects when it comes to their home. You can expect genuine solutions and services when making a transition in relocating, refinancing, or selling your family home.

Here For Your Interests

An SRES® understands the challenges that older adults face when they are dealing with selling their home. They are here to listen to all your wants and needs and help you put your plan into action. Their goal is to find all the options available to you so that you make the right choice and gain a successful result.

Wide Range Of Connections

A Senior Real Estate Specialist has a wide network of professionals available to assist and support you with your process. With accountants, lawyers, notaries, surveyors, building inspectors, insurance agents, among others, they can easily access the resources essential for selling and purchasing the right home for you.

Bridges The Communication Gaps

With all the legal terms of the offers and Agreement of Purchase and Sale, it can often be difficult to get a clear understanding of your rights and requirements. That is where an SRES® can clarify all the terms for you and ensure that you’re making a decision that you feel comfortable with.

Successful Results Every Time

You can rely on your SRES® to minimize all the stress that the sale has on you. Their motivation is to ensure that you meet your desires and to guide you through the entire process. They will also help you stay clear of scams and loan schemes targeted at seniors. At every step, SRES® professionals will ensure your best interests are in mind, and the results will produce a positive result.

Don’t just get any realtor, get one that is trained and certified in senior real estate transitions. Contact Geoff & Bobbie for to get started with your move.