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Selling Ottawa Real Estate During The Holidays

Last updated on May 11th, 2021 at 01:12 pm

Selling Your Ottawa Home During the Holidays

Are you ready to sell your Ottawa area real estate? If you’re interested in putting your Ottawa home on the market during this holiday season, here are some tips on things you should do to make your Ottawa home selling process a success:

Ottawa Home Selling Information

One of the most important things you can do when selling your home is to present a pleasant first impression to prospective home buyers. Make your home as neutral as possible-take down the tons of family photos and de-clutter-the more an Ottawa home buyer can picture their family in your home, the better. Holidays can always be tricky when it comes to selling-you still want to celebrate and put up decorations; however, you don’t want to turn off potential buyers. Here are some of my tried and true tips when it comes to selling your Ottawa property during the Holidays:

  •   Create a warm ambiance by capitalizing on the magic of the holiday season during showings: hang a wreath on your front door, place a candle or two on the dining room table, turn on the fireplace. These kind of details will help make a buyer feel comfortable in your home.
  • Be flexible with a buyer’s schedule.  During the holiday season you probably have a million and one things to do and places to go.
  • When a prospective buyer wants to tour your house or meet with you on a certain day; however, try your best to be accommodating.
  • While other home sellers are cutting back showings during the holidays, you’ll have a steady traffic of potential buyers grateful to have a chance to tour your beautiful Ottawa real estate on their own schedule.
  • Use light to capture what makes your home great. Open windows, clean light fixtures, replace burnt out bulbs. Winter is dreary enough with its shorter days and lack of sunshine.
  • Help potential buyers feel comfortable and welcome in your home by using porch lights, Christmas lights, open curtains and any other light source you have to accent the fine details of your Ottawa area property. Even leave all the lights on if a buyer will be coming to tour after sunset; don’t make a buyer wander from room to room in the dark looking for light switches.

What to Avoid When Selling Your Ottawa Neighborhood Real Estate During the Holidays

  • Don’t go overboard when decorating your home for the holidays.  Tacky Reindeer on the roof of your Ottawa home for sale, enough Christmas lights to light up all of Canada, Christmas music blaring from your home stereo system….all that’s going to do is distract potential buyers from envisioning themselves in your home. You want to make sure that potential buyers are talking about where they would put their items in your home and not talking about you taste in decorating.
  • Don’t over-do seasonal home aromas either.  Ah, who wouldn’t love the smell of peppermint and pine during the holiday season, right? Believe it or not, there’s a good possibility one of the prospective buyers who come to tour your home won’t.  The mixed aromas might be at best distracting and at worst, off-putting.

‘Tis the Season to Put Your Ottawa Area Home on the Market

If you’re considering selling your Ottawa real estate, make sure you take advantage of our Re/Max Ottawa real estate selling tips, and read more about how our expert team, Re/Max Ottawa Homes Real Estate, can provide you with many more Ottawa community tips, information and advice. I’d also encourage you to browse my comprehensive Ottawa real estate market evaluation.

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