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Tips to keep potty training positive

Last updated on May 11th, 2021 at 01:10 pm

(BPT) – Parents everywhere agree – potty training can be a struggle. You worry about taking your toddler out in public or trying to find ways to simultaneously encourage potty training and boost your child’s self-confidence. Still, of 1,000 moms surveyed, 76 percent feel that their child’s personal growth as a result of potty training is, ultimately, a big reward.

Every parent goes through the potty training stages, and every parent will experience a challenge or two during the experience. The following advice from Pull-Ups Potty Training Partners Dr. Heather Wittenberg and Jen Singer addresses the fears parents and toddlers have during the training process and explains the Pull-Ups Potty Breaks Ritual – a simple call-and-response routine that keeps potty training fun and consistent.

* Not making it in time – It’s helpful to monitor how long it’s been between potty breaks and how much your child has had to drink. Reminding your child to go is another important step. Sixty-eight percent of 1,000 moms surveyed say that accidents occur as a result of their toddler not wanting to stop playing and take a potty break. Get your child excited with the potty breaks ritual by calling out, “What does a Big Kid take?” and let them excitedly respond, “A potty break”.

* Fear of the toilet – For children, the fear of falling in the toilet or of something reaching up to grab them is both real and scary. Remember that toddlers may not understand a logical explanation. Instead, try to take their mind off of the fear by turning the experience into something fun. The Pull-Ups Big Kid App offers more advice for parents and fun activities and games to help toddlers have fun with potty training.

* Accidents – We all know accidents happen. While it may feel like you’re causing a scene, remember that no one around you is as concerned about it as you. Try to stay positive and be prepared. When heading out the door, bring an emergency kit containing wipes, a change of clothes and some fresh training pants. Pull-Ups Training Pants have new Disney Monsters University designs to help get kids excited and to take the scare out of potty training.

* Taking too long to train – As one of the most common potty training concerns, every parent has a different idea about what is “too long.” Don’t let external pressures give you false expectations about your child’s development or potty training process. Potty training is a marathon, not a sprint, so enjoy the ride.

* Training on the road – Vacations and trips can interrupt a child’s schedule, from traditional sleep times to potty training. Try your best to schedule stops and count on spending extra time for potty breaks. Once you’re at your destination or back home, jump back into your normal training routine.

Every child will have a unique experience with potty training. Establishing a fun, consistent routine ensures you’ll both endure fewer frustrations and share a positive experience together. Before you know it, your little one will soon be a Big Kid.

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