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Tips For Moving To Ottawa With Pets

Last updated on May 11th, 2021 at 01:12 pm

Ottawa Relocation with Pets

Moving can be stressful enough for us humans, but our furry family members can be especially prone to stress during a move. Pets get used to routines just like their human relatives do.

But, unlike us, they are not independent. They look to us to provide them with their most basic needs. By following a few simple steps you can make your move to Ottawa  “pet friendly”.

Keep Your Pets Calm While Moving To Ottawa

  1. Plan ahead!  If possible, arrange for a “sitter”. Besides the stress of the unusual chaos in their home, moving day can present other safety issues for your pets. With open doors, more traffic, and the overall commotion of moving day, it is much easier for Fido to make a getaway. If a sitter is not possible, try finding an area where they will feel comfortable being contained for several hours.
  2. Try your hardest to keep routines consistent. Perhaps try to orchestrate having the bulk of movers come over during a normal walk time-then you or a family member could take your pets on a walk while others stay behind to manage the packing.
  3. Stock up on your pet’s medication.  While you are at the vet’s, consider getting your pet microchipped in case he or she wanders away from the new home. If your pet is already microchipped, make sure you have your information updated to your new Ottawa neighborhoods one!
  4. Stop for walks and potty breaks at least every three hours-this will make life so much nicer for everyone!

Your New Ottawa Home

Once you arrive at your new Ottawa real estate together, set up your pet’s area first. It might be a good idea to isolate pets in a bedroom or bathroom where they will be contained while you unload and unpack. Set up water, food, a bed, and a litter box if needed. Spend a few moments with them to reassure them everything is okay and check on them often.

By adding “Pet Care” to your moving to-do list, you can help to reduce your pet’s stress while increasing comfort – for both of you!  And, of course, should you need any assistance with the purchase of your new home, don’t hesitate to contact your expert Ottawa real estate agents, Bobbie and Geoff McGowan.

Until next time,