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Pros and Cons of Owning a Home Pool

Last updated on May 11th, 2021 at 01:10 pm

If the home you are looking at happens to have a pool installed in the backyard, there are several pros and cons to weigh before you make the decision to go ahead and purchase that particular home. Since it costs more to have a pool installed in today’s market, you can enjoy the fact that the initial cost of installation has been taken care of.


In-Ground vs. Above-Ground

There are, of course, several pool options for your backyard, including in-ground, above ground, and semi-inground pools. With any pool they immediately become the focus of your backyard. In-ground pools can be a bit costly but tend to be the most esthetically pleasing. Above-ground pools are the less expensive option and are generally smaller, but they are still an option to be considered for water-loving families.


If you are searching for your home in the dog days of summer you may be ready to throw away the list and declare that you are definitely ready for that pool.



When you see a pool you may immediately think of all of the maintenance, upkeep and expense involved.  Pool maintenance has changed over the last several years and it is easier now than ever to make sure your pool is optimally maintained for maximum enjoyment.  Your local pool supply retailer has kits, or can put together the correct chemicals to assist in your maintenance and upkeep.  This applies to both in-ground and above-ground pools.  You may also consider a professional pool maintenance company rather than doing this yourself.



Saltwater pools are becoming increasingly popular. Your local pool company will be able to talk to you about the maintenance and expense associated with both saltwater and chlorine pools.  You can also change from a chlorinated pool to a saltwater pool with very little fuss these days.



There are many considerations to take into account if you have small children at home.  Consider how much enjoyment you, your friends, your children, and their friends will get over the years.



There are also safety concerns as well as municipal regulations that cover all aspects of a pool, including fencing requirements and what type of locking mechanisms are required.  You will also need to speak to your insurance company about your pool.


Pools can be a fabulous addition to any family home and with today’s easy maintenance packages it doesn’t have to take your entire weekend to upkeep it.


Whether you are a pool-lover and land-lubber we have the home that will suit your needs. Contact Ottawa real estate agents like the Geoff & Bobbie team to find a home with or without a pool that is just right for your family.