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How To Maximize Space In A Kid’s Room

Last updated on May 11th, 2021 at 12:59 pm

Is your kid’s room getting cluttered? Are toys and clothes finding their way around the house? Let’s take a moment to review some basic ways you can maximize space in a kid’s room. Often times the smallest space available, maximizing this space is the perfect way to reduce clutter and create a room that every child would love to call their own.

Storage Space, Storage Space, And More Storage Space

Keeping the floors clean is crucial to creating a sense of space. It’s amazing how much larger a room can feel when you stick to the old adage “a place for everything, and everything in its place.” Maximizing space by adding more storage, like shelving and colourful boxes. Make use of crafty storage options, like using the space under the bed or installing a closet organizer. You can head to IKEA or Home Depot for cost-effective storage options, or even hire a contractor to build custom cabinetry and storage spaces built to last. Storage space takes up room, but frees up far more room through housing everything that would otherwise be strewn about. That is why above any other suggestion, storage space is critical.

Removing And Packing Up The Old

Your child will no doubt quickly move through different toys as they age. Keeping what they like and packing away what they are no longer interested in is a great way to make space. More often than not, parents will pack away these things in the child’s bedroom, creating less room for the toys the child currently has. Go through the toys with your child and see what still interests them. Everything else can be packed away, and you can let them know that they are available if their child wants them in the future. Until then, they can live in a spare room, attic, basement, garage, or other space that is out of the way.

You can also create a “teachable moment” with these old toys. For example, how about holding a garage sale, and your child can spend the proceeds on something new or donate the funds to charity? What about donating the old toys to a worthy cause? You’ll be cleaning the home and instilling positive values in your child at the same time.

Parting With Personal Treasures

As a parent, it can be very hard to cycle out certain toys, especially if you or your child had a particular fondness for them. If you don’t however, then they will gradually clutter up the room with each in their own right deserving their own space. Don’t let this happen! Part with everything but maybe one or two things and pack away the rest. With so many new things coming in all the time, making space is a necessity. One great tip is to “flag” all toys, books, and clothes with a post-it note or other system. Take the tag off if the item is used. If, after a designated period of time (a month, a year) the item hasn’t been touched and the tag still remains, you know it’s time to find a new home for that toy/book/clothing.

Bunk Bed

A bunk bed can provide a sleeping space up high. In addition, a desk as well as a dresser can fit below, creating a lot more space in the rest of the room. Perfect for particularly tiny bedrooms, a bunk bed is among the easiest ways to create additional, useable space.

Looking for more ways to maximize space in a kid’s room? Or perhaps the right option is to move to a new home that makes more sense for your family. The Geoff & Bobbie Team of real estate agents in Ottawa can guide you through your options and come up with the right solution for your family.