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How to Boost Your Curb Appeal This Fall

Last updated on May 11th, 2021 at 12:58 pm

How to Boost Your Curb Appeal This FallWhen you pass by or walk up to a house, what’s the first thing you notice? Maybe it’s the landscaping (or lack there of), maybe it’s the interlock driveway, or peeling paint on the front door. Whatever it may be – whether good or bad – these details are what you (and everyone else) notice first. It’s those first impressions that are crucial, especially if you plan on listing your home for sale. First impressions can set the opinion about your entire home for potential buyers in a matter of seconds.

With the fall season in full throttle, it can present some frustrating challenges to achieving that manicured look. But despite the leaves and sullen-looking garden, there are ways to still boost your curb appeal this fall. Here’s how:

Maintain your landscaping

We all love the messy, scattered pallet of colours that those fallen leave provide us with. But prospective home buyers may think otherwise. If fact, you’d be surprised just how many people dislike the idea of having to deal with all that fallen debris when it comes to owning a house.

So get out your rake and try to keep that lawn as meticulous and clear as possible. Keep your grass mowed as well (this can also help to reduce the leaves on the grass), and trim back any dead shrubs and flowers.

Add some colour to your entranceway

Sometimes, having a few potted urns with beautiful fall arrangements can work wonders for adding aesthetic curb appeal to the exterior of your home. Even if you have concrete slabs for landscaping, adding beautiful potted vignettes can not only add that extra pop of colour, but also show prospective home buyers that you put time and effort into your home as well.

Clean out and light sconces

After those warm summer months, we all know how those light sconces on the porch and entranceway can become a hot bed for bugs. And though you may barely take notice of them, you can bet the overly analytical and observant eyes of buyers will. Again, areas such as these speak volumes in regard to the upkeep of your home. So make the extra effort and clean them out.

Paint your front door

If your front door hasn’t had a fresh coat of paint in a while and it’s starting to peel off or show signs of wear and tear, spend an afternoon giving it a fresh coat of paint. No one likes to be greeted by a tattered front door.

This fall, boost the curb appeal of your home by stepping outside and taking a good, stern, home buyers kind of look at it. What’s your first impression? What do you notice first? Take note and focus on improving those areas, and if you’re unsure of where to start, use these focal areas to point you in the right direction.

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