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Helping Your Parents with Their Move

Last updated on May 11th, 2021 at 12:54 pm

Moving is a challenging process for everyone, but it can be especially demanding on our aging parents when they decide to downsize or relocate, especially if they’re moving out of the family home. When it’s time for them to move, they’ll need all the help and support they can get to avoid injury, exhaustion, and sail through the transition with ease. Here are some tips for helping your parents with their move.

Start Early

When it comes to any move, the secret to avoiding the pitfalls of stress is to get started early. If this is your parents’ first big move out of the family home, this can be extra taxing on them, both physically and emotionally. By starting months in advance, they will have time to sort through all of their things and reminisce as they go.

Dejunk and Organize

If your parents are downsizing, then they’ll need to sort through and get rid of some of their belongings. It may be hard for them to let go of certain items, so give them some words of encouragement. Having separate containers for things that will be donated, sold or thrown out is helpful for keeping everything organized. If there are items that they’re really struggling to get rid of, consider holding onto them until they feel settled and more comfortable in their new home. Sometimes, they just need time to adjust.

Book Movers Early

Most moving companies are kept quite busy from spring through fall. To make sure you get the dates needed for your parents, book the moving company as soon as you know the moving date. Getting this sorted early on will eliminate the stress of searching around for availability.

Make a Plan for Emergency Items

If your parents have mobile or medical devices that they rely on, make sure there’s a plan for these so they can keep everything on hand and with them during the moving process to ensure they won’t get lost in the chaos. 

Pack a Bag with Essentials

The unpacking process can take time, which is why having an overnight bag packed with essentials is always a good idea. Pack extra clothes, toiletries, medications, a First Aid Kit and also some water and snacks to keep fueled and hydrated throughout the day.

Help with the Cleaning

Ask another family member to help you give the house a good cleaning once everything is all packed up. This will be a big help for your parents so they won’t have to exert themselves or stress about it.

If your parents are looking to relocate in or around Ottawa, our team at RE/MAX Affiliates Geoff & Bobbie McGowan Realty can help them find the perfect new home. Contact us today to learn more!