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Selling Your Home

Last updated on May 11th, 2021 at 01:12 pm

There’s no denying it: First impressions matter immensely when it comes to showing your home on the local Ottawa housing market.

In fact, it’s generally believed that home buyers decide whether they like a home or not within the first seven seconds!

To ensure that your home’s  first impression on potential home buyers is positive instead of negative, continue reading for tips on how to stage your home for showings.

Here are some ways in which you can increase your chances of getting an offer from an interested home buyer after a showing:

  • Improve your home’s curb appeal. The outside of your home will be the first thing home buyers see when they pull up. So make sure your home’s exterior is in top condition by trimming the edges, cleaning the gutters, mowing the lawn, etc.
  • Make a big first impression at the entryway. Remember, home buyers generally judge a home within the first several seconds. So make sure your home’s foyer is immaculate. You may also consider leaving out some candy or other treats near the front door to help the buyer feel welcome.
  • Set the temperature to appeal to the masses. Make sure it’s not too hot or not too cold in your home. If a buyer is uncomfortable because of the indoor temperature, they’re likely to hurry their way through the showing to get out of your home quicker, which is certainly not what you want!
  • Don’t overdo it on the home aromas. While subtle scents definitely enhance a home’s appeal, eccentric or overwhelming smells can be off-putting. A better option may be to bake cookies in the oven or allowing a fresh breeze to come in through an open window. Both of those smells are typically liked by the general public.
  • Create a Warm and Inviting Ambiance. As I’ve said before, the goal is to help the buyer feel at home. So consider turning on soft music, lighting a fire in the fireplace. You may also consider turning on indoor water fountains for a soothing yet subtle sound throughout the home.
  • Let light in. The right lighting can make rooms feel bigger and cleaner. So be liberal with your use of natural and artificial lights throughout the home. Don’t forget the closets and bathrooms!
  • Appeal to Buyers’ Sense of Touch. You want buyers to feel as connected to your home as possible. So appeal to all of their senses, including the sense of touch. You can do this by setting out throw blankets with soft fabrics like velvet or vacuuming all the carpets throughout the home in one direction.
  • Allow buyer feedback. When you do, you’re getting a first-hand account of what prospective buyers like about your home and what they don’t like. After a few showings, you may even begin to see patterns, which may then help you alter your marketing plan. Encourage honest buyer feedback by setting pads of paper and pens near the entryway and allowing for buyer anonymity.
  • When it doubt, set snacks out. Who doesn’t love free food? And when you set out delicious snacks like freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, your encouraging home buyers to linger and really revel in what makes your home special!

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