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Visit Ottawa’s Downtown Experimential Farm

Last updated on May 11th, 2021 at 01:12 pm

When you move to Ottawa real estate, you must visit the Central Experiemental Farm! A fun and beautiful destination in Ottawa, the Central Experimental Farm has drawn visitors from miles around for over 50 years. Surrounded by the  downtown cityscape, the Experimental Farm is a unexpected delight of
research, fields of grain, farm animals, and bountiful gardens. Buying Ottawa real estate not only gives you choices of outstanding Ottawa neighborhoods, but also a wide variety of local attractions to enjoy!

Living In Ottawa

The Central Experimental Farm is an agricultural facility as well as a working farm located right in downtown Ottawa. It is a national historic site and a cultural heritage landscape that should be on everyone’s list of things to do and visit in Ottawa!

Highly regarded as a great spot to take families of all ages, or to just go and meditate in the natural surrounds, the Central Experimental Farm is one of the National Capital’s most popular tourist attractions  and features five distinct areas of gardening:

  • The Arboretum -a  collection of trees and shrubs covering about 86 acres and featuring over 2,000 varieties-some that have been growing since 1889!
  • The Ornamental Gardens- bright show of different flowers and shrubs covering about 8 acres popularsince the garden’s opening in the 1880s for wedding parties, painters and photographers.
  • The Canada Agriculture Museum-learn about Canada’s agricultural heritage and experience the aspects of traditional farm life
  • The Tropical Greenhouse displays over 500 different plants showcasing extreme tropical beauties.
  • Fletcher Wildlife Garden has natural habitats and that provide a wide range of  homes for regional wildlife. It is a great spot to animal watch!


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For information about the Agriculture Museum, the barn animals, etc., please visit the Canada Agriculture Museum or phone 613-991-3044.


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