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Canada Day In Ottawa

Last updated on August 5th, 2021 at 12:17 pm

Every year on July 1st, we celebrate Canada Day. On that date in 1867, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Province of Canada were united into a single country. This union was a result of the Constitution Act which granted Canada a great deal of independence from England. Over the course of a century, Canada gradually shed its dependence on the United Kingdom. It did not become fully independent until 1982, the same year that Canada Day became an official holiday. And now we celebrate here in the Ottawa real estate area by hosting parties, fireworks, lots of food, and tons of entertainment!

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Canada Day took decades to catch on due to the fact that many early Canadians identified themselves as British. It was not until Canada’s “golden” anniversary in 1917 (50 years), that an official celebration was recorded. The next set of Canada Day festivities did not occur until ten years later, in 1927. The government’s first recognition of the holiday occurred in 1958 with a trooping of the color on Parliament Hill. The first country-wide celebration was in 1967, Canada’s 100th anniversary. From that point on, Canada Day grew and evolved to become the widespread commercial holiday it is today.

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Today, Canada Day is celebrated with fireworks, concerts, cookouts, and sports games.
Canada’s capital, Ottawa, Ontario, hosts the most holiday activities. There are countless events, activities, and festivals to be found throughout the city in the city streets, parks,and museums. Fireworks are launched from Parliament Hill in the Ottawa community to conclude a day of patriotic festivities. You can see the following events and firework displays:

Canada Day Fireworks on July 1, 2012

The 2012 fireworks show includes:

  • 1,026 fireworks items
  • 982 aerial shells
  • 58 of the largest shells allowed in Canada
  • 2,257 projectiles/effects.

Best Spots to Enjoy the Canada Day Fireworks

There are many spots in Ottawa and Gatineau with great views of the fireworks. When watching the displays from Gatineau, you have amazing views of the fireworks illuminating Parliament Hill.

Gatineau Sites

  • Canadian Museum of Civilization
  • Jacques-Cartier Park

* If you are planning to watch the fireworks from Gatineau, remember that the Alexandra Bridge is closed to traffic throughout the day and to pedestrians after 6 pm.

Ottawa Sites

  • Major’s Hill Park
  • Parliament Hill
  • Victoria Island

I hope you all have a fantastic time celebrating Canada Day this year!

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