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Adding a Dash of Holiday Cheer to Your Home

Last updated on May 11th, 2021 at 12:56 pm

Adding a Dash of Holiday Cheer to Your Home

Holiday décor doesn’t have to be limited to your exterior and just the tree. This time of year is all about cranking up the cozy, cheesy, and joyful vibes all throughout your home. So why not take full advantage? You can create a space that’s warm and welcoming by adding a dash of holiday cheer to your home with these inspiring ideas.

Showcase Your Festive Mail

With all the wonderful festive wishes you receive in the mail during the season, it seems like such as shame to just toss your holiday cards away and out of sight. Why not put them on display? You can pin them to a bulletin board or string them up along your doorway to share the love and the creative cards.

Choose A Colour Palate

Whether you prefer a gold theme, red and white, or your traditional red and green, stick to your theme and colour palate. This makes it easy to add other elements of décor throughout your home. You can get matchy with your wrapping paper, candles, and other simple items without making your home look cluttered.

Add Holiday Cheer To Each Room

You can get into the spirit of the season by adding more décor items throughout each area of your home – not just the main living area. In your bedroom, you can add a festive throw to the end of your bed and dangle some lights along with your window. In the bathroom, swap in some festive hand towels and a scented candle to spruce up the vanity.

Use Fresh Small-Scale Greenery

There’s no better excuse to make your home look great and smell great than the holidays. Even if you have a fake Christmas tree, you can still add some fresh touches of pine and fir throughout your home – on the mantle, stairway and bare corners of your living room – to really boost the holiday cheer and fresh outdoorsy scent that we all love.

Create Festive Displays On The Porch

Make your front door and entranceway shine this year by adding two potted urns on either side of your front doorway. You can get creative here by using a variety of items for the arrangement – red dogwood branches, birch trees, fresh bows, and twinkling lights nestled in between them.

So why not embrace the holiday season this year in all its glory? You can crank up the holiday cheer in your home easily with any of these simple ideas.