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5 Ways to Keep Your Elderly Parents Active This Winter

Last updated on May 11th, 2021 at 12:55 pm

5 Ways to Keep Your Elderly Parents Active This Winter

The winter season is an indoor season, which means many social get-togethers and other events tend to wind down as the colder weather approaches. This can create a very sedentary lifestyle during the long winter months, which can be detrimental to our health – especially for seniors. Staying physically and mentally active is imperative, even when the weather outside isn’t so pleasant. Here are some good ways to keep your elderly parents active this winter season.

Arrange Social Activities

Though the wintertime tends to make us gravitate to staying warm and cozy inside, staying social is important. Encourage your elderly parents to make plans with friends or invite them over on a regular basis to them get up, outside, and interacting with others. This is not only beneficial for their physical and mental health, but it also injects some fun into those monotonous winter months.

Be Properly Equipped for the Weather

Without having the proper attire, like a heavy, warm coat, scarf, mitts, and good boots, venturing outside will always feel like a chore. Instead, make sure your parents have what they need to stay warm and comfortable, even when it’s bitterly cold outside. This can also keep them safer when heading out.

Join a Class

We all need to stay more active during the winter, even when we’d rather curl up and be lazy instead. One of the best ways to keep your elderly parents more active is by encouraging them to join a class. Find something they enjoy whether it’s a yoga class, aqua fitness or tai chi, and sign them up. Being part of a class gives them another excuse to get up and outside while engaging and socializing with others. It’s also fun and helps to strengthen their mind and body.

Focus on Moving More

Being part of an exercise class is great, but it’s not enough to keep the body active every day. Encourage your parents to simply move more throughout each day. This could mean walking to the grocery store, taking a walk, or tidying the house – any activity that gets them up and moving is great for improving circulation and engaging the body.

Keep Mentally Active

With fewer activities happening in winter, being isolated for a prolonged period of time can result in mental decline. So, make sure to keep your parents’ mind active. Solving puzzles, doing crosswords, and reading are excellent ways to do this.

If your elderly parents aren’t keeping active or engaged enough because they’re too isolated where they live, maybe it’s time to encourage them to move and downsize closer to the city. Get in touch with the Geoff & Bobbie McGowan team for expert guidance on buying or selling throughout the Ottawa area. We can help your parents find what they’re looking for.