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5 Surprising Tips for an Open House that Gets the Offer

Last updated on May 11th, 2021 at 12:58 pm

Selling your home is never an easy undertaking. Aside from the paperwork and choosing the right real estate agent, there are many other things that require great attention. Staging and preparing your house for the biggest sale of your life can be fun and stressful at the same time! Here are five fun staging tips for your open house to help you get the offer.

Remove Screens From Large Windows

This allows natural sunlight to flow into your house making it appear bright and inviting. By providing unobstructed sight lines through your windows you will be surprised at how much natural light flows into your living space. Remember to wash the windows inside and out!

Swap Out Old Hardware for New Ones

It’s inexpensive to purchase new door knobs in a matte silver or neutral metal colour. A lot of older houses have brass door knobs which are outdated and not overly attractive alongside modern décor. Although it seems like a big job, it will provide excellent positive aesthetic paybacks.

Take a Look at Your Ceiling Lights/Fans

Are they the builder-grade light shades? Purchase a few new light shades and take down the tired old ones. We often do not look up and notice how old and outdated ceiling light shades are however it’s easier to notice the twinkle on a new shade dangling from the ceiling; especially with all of the natural light streaming in from nearby windows.

Declutter as Much as Possible

Box up your personal books and photo frames and save them for your new house. The pile of magazines that typically live on your coffee table should be packed away and the box DVD sets of Friends and Dawson’s Creek should be replaced with a tasteful vase or a simple candle. Less is always more! But it’s not just a purge job the entire way. Feel free to purchase a new colourful pillow and matching throw blanket to jazz up a room.

Get Rid of Imposing Furniture

Rooms look bigger with appropriately sized furniture, and once again the statement “less is more” resounds true here. If you are able to put some furniture in storage for staging purposes you can always access it later, but now is the time to free up some corners and maximize the square footage in each room.

An open house is showcasing your largest asset and most prized possession. Let your house shine in a new found glory that is so easy to attain. Enjoy the process and find happiness in the transition from old to new.

For more home staging tips and advice on hosting an open house that wows, The Geoff & Bobbie Team is here to help! We serve home buyers and sellers in Ottawa, Kanata, Barrhaven, Orleans, and throughout the National Capital Region!