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4 Spring Cleaning Tips to Spruce Up Your Yard and Home

Last updated on November 4th, 2021 at 11:14 am

4 Spring Cleaning Tips to Spruce Up Your Yard and Home

Spring is upon us and with the current recommendations to stay home in light of COVID-19, there is no better time to start your spring cleaning both inside and out! The best way to get your spring cleaning done efficiently is to come up with a gameplan and making sure no area gets forgotten. We’ve come up with four tips for sprucing up your property and home in preparation for the much-needed warm weather! 

Start With a List

Every good project requires a plan! Starting with a detailed list of the tasks you’d like to accomplish is one of the best ways to make sure everything gets done. Make sure everything on your list is realistic, and if you require assistance, make sure to ask one of your family members for their input! 

Make Sure You Have Everything You Need

Having the proper materials and supplies for your spring cleaning is critical. If you plan to do a lot of outside work such as raking, planting or seeding, having the proper equipment will make the process seamless, whether gloves, rakes, shovels, or otherwise. If you have a lot of indoor cleaning to do, make sure you have enough cleaner, paper towels, rags, and garbage bags on hand. It pays off to be prepared, and you’ll find that you’ll get much more done without hassle! It will also save you from having to run out to the store halfway through the job.

Outdoor Cleanup 

Some simple yet effective ways to spruce up your yard is by raking up old dead leaves and maintaining a fresh, green lawn. Picking up any garbage or old, worn-out lawn decor is also another way to make sure your property looks refreshed. Additionally, if you have any flower beds or gardens, turning the soil and weeding will help breathe life back into your yard, and make it easier for you when you decide to plant. 

Indoor Cleanup 

Giving your interior a deep clean is one of the best ways to have that “like new” house feeling. This includes going through drawers, closets and cabinets and getting rid of any products that you don’t use or need. Some items as small as using the appropriate products on surfaces, dusting, and mopping the floors can make the largest difference. If you want to go above and beyond, make sure to give your baseboards a good scrub. Once this is all done, you will be left feeling refreshed and stress-free! 

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