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3 House Cleaning Tips for Your Staged Home

Last updated on May 11th, 2021 at 12:58 pm


You are an adult; you likely don’t need lessons in how to clean your house. But when it comes to staging your house for sale and for frequent walk-throughs with house showings, cleaning your house can become a full-time job. Here is a quick guide on how to tackle house cleaning while living in the controlled environment of house selling!

Keep as much waste outside as possible

If you are the type to keep a recycling bin in the kitchen, or a green waste bin on your kitchen counter, these are the types of things that can attract fruit flies and other not so welcome friends. It’s a nuisance to deal with bugs in a regular living situation, but when you are selling your house and your house is up for constant scrutiny by buyers, it’s important that you take extra steps to prevent any sort of buggy infestation. You can do this by keeping as little waste as possible in your house at any given time. Empty your green waste into your outside bin as frequently as possible, or store it in your freezer if there is enough room. Thoroughly rinse any recycle items before putting them in your bin, and be sure to store your bin outside or in your garage. By keeping your kitchen area clean and free of waste, you ensure you will be ready for any last-minute showings with no funky smells in the kitchen!

Make your bed every day

Even if you are certain you don’t have a showing that day, put the effort into making your bed anyways. This will not only give your bedroom the always showroom-ready advantage, but it will also get you in a fantastic habit of ensuring your room is always tidy so when the last-minute showing does creep up it’s one less thing you need to tackle. Do your best to instill this same thinking on any other people living in the house, although you may need to sneak into your teenager’s room and do the bed-making yourself sometimes.

Keep shoes in the hall closet

Aside from the pair you plan to wear that particular day, don’t make a habit of keeping shoes laying astray in the front entrance of your house. The entrance way is the first impression of your house to anyone who may be coming in, and any sort of clutter or mess makes it appear cramped and untidy. You never know who will purchase your house, so if your house is for sale, keep your entrance way spotless at all times.

The process of selling your house likely means you will live uncomfortably for a while. With most of your possessions packed in boxes and living in a perfectly staged, neat and tidy house, there isn’t much room to let loose and live, but it will all pay off in the end when you successfully sell your home!